Source: Yaen

1. Location

2. Island Heart acquisition

  • Island Heart can be randomly obtained from a reward chest by completing the island quest.
  • There will be 2 cooperative quests. The first one is optional and doesn’t give you nothing useful.

2.1 Quest Details

  • The second quest will require to kill enemies for “bomb” drops or you can pick up spears on the ground.
  • A bunch of mobs spawn along the outer edge of the map.
  • Bomb drop chance is high.
  • After you stockpile bombs or spears, you want to go to mount a cannon.
  • Your Q ability shoots bombs while your W ability shoots spears.
  • Make sure to tag and deal enough damage to both of the large crocodiles for the chest to drop.
  • 1 chest and 3 Ability Stones drop per cocodile killed.

3. Mococo Seeds