ExitLag Papunika
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Secret Map for the Tooki Quest

During the game you may receive the secret map . The place is located on the left side in Port Krona. You can see the exact position in the picture above. Once you have found the place and interacted with the Tuki, you will get the quest Last nuance (ru). You need to complete a series of quests before you get the last quest que.5104105.title (ru), which is needed to start the quest Secret Archives (ru) that gives you the emote . To complete all of them you need the following:

Rewards for all quests

  • 300.000
  • 320
  • 45.000
  • 45
  • 10
  • 9
  • 30
  • 24

1st Quest

For the first quest Last nuance (ru) you need the secret map . Go to the location below and interact with the tuki. Once you got the quest you have to go to .

2nd Quest

The second quest L08OB8 Shooting sniffer (ru) will unlock on if you have completed the previous one. You need to kill a total of 30 sniffers.

3rd Quest

Information: The quest will unlock the next day on after the previous one is completed.

The third quest Quest 5104602 (ru) is also on and requires you to kill 30 sniffers too. As a reward you will get the quest starter item .

4th Quest

To start the fourth quest Hack Lost Ark (ru) you need to use the quest starter item . The quest will take you first to Stern, where you have to talk to an NPC in the underground, and then head back to for the next quest.

5th Quest

The fifth quest What do NPCs feel? (ru) starts again on and leads you to Rigens Village. The quest is selfexplaining.

6th Quest

The sixth quest I do not want to die again (ru) starts at Mail Carrier Elrond in Rigens Village. To complete this quest you need , and . The quest you turn in again on .

7th Quest

The seventh quest que.5104105.title (ru) you get again on . The quest is straightforward. I won’t go into detail here, since the quest is designed very interesting.

Hint: You will find in the course of the quest in a glowing statue at the end of a long corridor. Play to get further.

8th Quest

For the eighth and last quest Secret Archives (ru) you have to go to and accept it from Minerva. The quest is straightforward. As a reward you will get the emote