ExitLag Papunika
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Starlight Isle

Recommended Item Level: 250
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Island Token

Acquisition Type: Quest

To get the Island Token you must complete A Starlit Melody. To unlock the quest you will need to complete a number of purple quests. Some will take you to other places. Check the following:

During the quest Starkeeper's Records you have to buy from the Pirate Merchant. You can get this on at Pirate Merchant Bad Hand for 200 .

During the quest The Soul Left in X-301 you must go to and kill 3 enemies.


  • Favreau
    • ➤ Sells for 3,300
    • ➤ Sells for 3,300
    • ➤ Sells for 500
    • ➤ Sells for 2004
    • ➤ Sells for 2004
    • ➤ Sells for 2004
    • ➤ Sells for 1002

Mokoko Seeds and other locations

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