ExitLag Papunika
by Ryu in


NPC Location

Exchange your Omnium Stars at in Nia Village.

Needed Materials

  • 8,000


  • Omnium Star #1 Wings of hope (ru) – First chain quest Belated gratitude (ru) starts at (after Punika story quests)
  • Omnium Star #2[Reputation] Lv.2 reward – Protection of the altars (ru) or Saving gardens (ru)Tikku Gardens
  • Omnium Star #3[Rapport] reward (Trust)
  • Omnium Star #4[Exchange] Tideshelf Path – Spearfish Hunting Guild Ship for 8,000
  • Omnium Star #5[RNG] Field Boss – King Moak
  • Omnium Star #6[RNG] Final Boss in dungeon Hidden valley
  • Omnium Star #7[RNG] Boss in dungeon located in Ruins of Bel-Illion