IconSongHow to Get
Song of ReturnAcquired during main quest.
Music of TrisionAcquired when you get your first Arc.
Song of MemoriesAcquired during main quest.
Song of the Blessed LandAcquired during main quest.
Music of CourageAcquired during first main quest.
Cantabile of HeartAcquired during main quest.
Serenade of LoveAcquired after the purple quest on Liebeheim.
Music of RemembranceAcquired during 2nd awakening quest in Rohendel.
Music of Temptation[Adventure Book] Eudia – 50%
Twilight RequiemAcquired after the quest on Island of Serene Sabbath.
Music of Starlight[Exchange] 3,300 Givena Coins at Vendor on Starlight Lighthouse Island.
Vendor will be unlocked after quest. Needs 50 floating souls.
Harmony of HeavensAcquired after opening reward box on Harmony Island. Random drop.
Elegy of TranquilityAcquired after the quest on Broken Glaciers.
Music of Resonance[Exchange] 16000 Pirate Coins at Vendor on Cruise Ship Paradise Peyto.
Forest MinuetAcquired after the quest on Sleeping Song Island.
Requires Music of Resonance
Music of Eternity[Adventure Book] Rohendel – 60%
Music of SpringAcquired after the quest on Peach Island.
Romantic Weapon[Adventure Book] Yorn – 50%
Song of Harmony[Adventure Book] Payton – 60%
Song of Peace[Adventure Book] Papunika – 50%