ExitLag Papunika
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  1. Una’s Tasks Dailies:
  2. It’s common to run alts through the Lopang dailies. You can accept the dailies on after completing all yellow quests. This method requires at least 3 Bifrost slots. Recommended 3 missions are Special Delivery: Shushire, Special Delivery: Arthetine and Special Delivery: Vern.
  3. ➤ Have a Bifrost Point on Arid Path and Frozen Sea and the first terminal on . Also register the Portal Statue in Vern Castle as your main teleport point. Save the location in front of the quest submission NPC after you’ve submitted the quest if you haven’t set a Bifrost Point yet.
  4. ➤ Accept all three quests. Interact with all terminals on the island. Teleport to Arid Path and complete the quest, as well as to Frozen Sea. Play to teleport back to North Vern, then teleport to Port Krona and finish the last quest.
  5. Una’s Tasks Weeklies:
  6. You can do Una weekly quests for Chaos Dungeon, Cube or Test Path for additional silver.
  7. Chaos Dungeon:
  8. Gives you a decent amount of silver.
  9. Cube:
  10. Gives you a good amount of silver.
  11. Guild Exchange:
  12. You can exchange Silmael Crystals for silver boxes or chests which contains them. They are account wide.
  13. Alts:
  14. They let you do additional Una’s Tasks, Chaos Dungeons and Cubes which so generates more silver at the end.