Serene Island
Source: Yaen

1. Location

2. Island Heart acquisition

  • The Island Heart can be obtained by completing the purple quest on the island.
  • The purple quest is started through a glowing object near the entrance.

2.1. Quest Details

  • You have to do 2 purple quests on the island before you can accept the third purple quest. It requires you to collect stones and stone fragments in two different dungeons followed with killing a boss again on Serene Island (best to safe the location in the teleporting book).
  • The quest will also reward you with a Skill Potion.
  • First you have to collect stones in a dungeon located on Tortoyk. You can leave the dungeon after the first two parts are complete.
  • Second you have to collect stone fragments in a dungeon located in Eudia. You have to complete it entirely.
  • Finally you have to kill a boss on Serene Island.

3. Mococo Seeds