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Serenity Isle

Recommended Item Level: 250
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Island Token

Acquisition Type: Quest

For the Island Token you need to complete the quest Revenge Is Mine. For this you need to defeat the boss Metomus on the island. To unlock the quest you need to complete 3 purple quests first. You have to complete the previous quest to unlock the next one.

The first quest Who's There?! you can accept at an object near the entrance of the island. The quest is self-explanatory.

The second quest A Sad History you take on at Legendary Blacksmith. This one is also self-explanatory.

The third quest The Stone of Power you can also accept at Legendary Blacksmith on the island. It requires you to collect Giant Locarok and Pebbling’s stone fragments. To do this, you need to go to Tortoyk and enter the Tortoyk’s Heart dungeon in the Forest of Giants. Once you have completed this part, you can leave the dungeon. Then you have to go to Yudia and enter the dungeon Morai Ruins in Saland Hill. You have to complete the dungeon, because you have to kill the last boss Thanatos to get Fourth Claw. This quest also rewards you with a .

Mokoko Seeds and other locations

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