ExitLag Papunika
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Recommended Item Level: 400
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Island Token

Acquisition Type: Exchange

To get the Island Token you need to buy at Thousand-Year-Old Jar for 5,600 and plant it at a specific location. The place of entrance and where you need to plant the seed, you can see in the pictures below.

You get when you kill Giant Peaches that are spawning all over the island or do yellow quests (not all quests have them as the reward).

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Song of Spring

To get the song , you need to complete the quest Shangra's Pure Energy from Eunsun. To unlock the quest, you must first complete the quest The Garden Path from Eunsun. The NPC is shown on the map below.

Peach Wine Buff

Some locations can only be entered with a buff. You get this buff for 5 minutes if you use or for 10 minutes if you use . you get from either the quest A Visitor to the Ladies' Hot Spring or Shangra's Best Wine. For , you’ll need one and 20 , which you can get from Thousand-Year-Old Jar for 10 each. You can then craft it from the cook next to Thousand-Year-Old Jar. This buff also gives you increased movement speed during the duration.

Mokoko Seeds and other locations

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Shangra has multiple locations.