ExitLag Papunika
by Ryu in

Ice Maze
Source: Yaen

1. Location

Complete Notos Island Epona daily 6 times first to obtain the Island Heart

2. Island Heart acquisition

  • The Island Heart can be obtained by completing the purple quest on the island.
  • You enter the map at a random spawn location.
  • Orient yourself by traveling towards any corner. Once you reach a corner, you can figure out where you are and then work your way around the map from there.

Red Dot = Yellow Quest NPC

Blue Dot = Island Heart Quest Start

Green Square = Mokoko Seeds (Bottom right seed can only be obtained by entering and exiting the map multiple times)

2.1. Quest Details

  • The purple quest is received at the blue dot in the picture above and requires you to go back to any of the red dots in the corner.
  • You must have the item whale oil in order to complete the purple quest.
  • Whale oil can be obtained by completing the Notos Island Epona daily 6 times or by buying it from the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel in Shushire for 6.000 Pirate Coins.