ExitLag Papunika
by Ryu in


  • There are 3 phases to this boss. The 2nd phase begins after the 1st teleport. 3rd after 2nd teleport.
  • His 3rd phase is his berserk mode which he starts with about 30% life while glowing red.
  • The boss’s attacks are super quick and it will take some getting used to.
  • After 20 to 30 seconds after encounter in each phase, the boss turns dark and uses the dark pattern. Among the dark pattern, the ‘dark attribute’ attack gives the ‘dark power’ debuff, which increase the damage taken. Getting light buffs remove the debuffs.

Special thanks to Yaen for providing information and video material.

Battle Items

Whirlwind Bomb, Adrophin, Awakening Potion


Short dash. Triple combo attack.

Teleport Dash + Roar

Disappears for a short time before doing a somersault and rushing a direction. Does a shout AoE at the end. You will know its a holy rush because it disappears before reappearing and the trail color is golden.


Jumps up and lands down. 4 feather damage cones appear at 4 cardinal directions relative to the boss.

Feather Bombing

Will aggro a player and then turn 90 degrees and start shooting feathers from its sides. The initial volley of feathers don’t do much damage which gives you time to move out. Once it stomps its paw again, the feathers start doing much more damage.

Tail Swipe

Will glow and do a tail slam in the middle behind itself. Will do a swipe after.


Will glow golden and do a somersault before doing 3 quakes. This is easily differentiated from the dark rush somersault because its slower and the boss will glow golden.


Dark flash rush. Does a quick somersault before rushing in a direction. Does a tail swipe at the end. You will know its a dark rush because it doesn’t disappear and its trail color is dark.

Claw Swipe

Smashes the area in front of the boss and then does a 360. The damage cone spreads from the middle of its body.


Will aggro a player and switch directions by jumping. Can use one of two moves. First is a breath attack. Dodge it immediately by recognizing the jump and moving to the side.

Dark & Light Orbs

Will aggro a player and switch directions by jumping. Can use one of two moves. Second is an orb move. Dodge it immediately by recognizing the jump and moving to the side.

Orb Dodge

If you’re unable to move to the side in time, its easy to dodge the dark orbs by standing in the middle, then move to the side to dodge the light orbs.


Will glow a bluish color before jumping backwards and dealing damage.

Slow Bombardment

Slow bombardment. This is telegraphed by the appearance of dark clouds near the boss. The circles take time to deal damage. It is safe to run over them while they still have a small radius. Buffs will also drop from this type of bombardment.

Once they reach the max radius, they will explode and some of them will leave behind a field of force that last a long time.

Fast Bombardment

Attacks hit instantly.  No forcefields are left behind. This is different from the slow bombardment because he does not do the dark clouds before using it.

Dark Tornado

The boss emits a dark tornado in a radius around it, dealing dark damage. When hit, the ‘Dark Power’ debuff is applied.

This attack initiates his berserk mode.


The attack is telegraphed by a dark cloud swirling around him. Dark energy spreads outwards right after. Afterwards, he will go around in a circle dealing damage. The safe spots are the holy sections. The attack can go either clockwise or counterclockwise.

The direction is indicated by the dark swirl of the cloud. You can see the cloud moves counterclockwise and so does the safe spots. The attack always starts behind the boss. The safe spots give the buffs.

Avoid Pizza

You may just avoid the attack completely by standing outside.

Phase Switch

Early in each phase, the boss will turn dark. This signals the start of damage reduction and buffs. The boss will periodically call down the circles of light which buff the player. Your damage is SEVERELY REDUCED unless you have these buffs.

Stepping in any of the lights give you an attack power buff, stacking up to 5. 3 buffs will give you the max attack power you can get while the buffs reduce damage taken. Consequently, getting hit by dark magic attacks apply a debuff which increase the damage taken. Getting holy buffs remove the debuffs.


The boss will also periodically absorb light. He will circle around until the runes on the ground reach the outer edge. You must neutralize him and knock him so he doesn’t one shot all of you.

If you feel like your team doesn’t have enough neutralization, you can always just run away. 

Orb Eat

The bos will periodically try casting a spell and he will summon an orb in front of him. You will know that he uses it after you see a shockwave being emitted and hexagons show up on heads. After a while, one of the hexagons will turn black. That player whose hexagon turns black must go into the orb and get picked up. Right after, he will get knocked for a long duration. If the wrong person gets picked up, everyone dies.