ExitLag Papunika
by Ryu in


  • To make this fight easier, people generally try cutting the tail off during the fight, because he will loose many dangerous attacks.
  • You can only cut the tail when you stagger the boss after destroying the armor.
  • Various skills from classes like Berserker and Battlemaster have destruction in their skills.
  • Attacks with his tail are listed separately. If the tail was cut off, these attacks are not relevant anymore.

Special thanks to Yaen for providing information and video material.

Battle Items

Corrosion Bomb, Destruction Bomb

Single Jump

Boss raises his claws upward before jumping up and cause a AoE attack on landing.


Boss charges forward.


Quickly step back. Unlike other bosses, if you are in the backstab path, you will receive damage.

Crush Claw

Boss arches backwards before bringing down his claws in front of him.


Exhale once to the left and once to the right. It has a large range, and if you are hit by the breath, your mana decreases along with your movement speed.

Crush Claw

Attacks by swiping or swinging the claw in front. This is one of the easiest patterns to avoid.

Side Claw Attack

Boss raises his claws upwards before swiping to the side.

Frontal Claw Attack

Boss slams his claws down in quick succession before swiping forward.

Triple Thunderbolt

Boss raises his tail and casts 3 AoE’s on a target.


Boss sticks his tail into the ground and casts several exploding light pads on the ground.


He charges his tail turning its head to an player. Players who are hit will get paralyzed.

You can avoid this attack by running from side to side. Avoid running into your party members.

Laser (if hit)

If a player gets hit by the laser, the boss will pick the player with his tail and will kill him most likely with this attack.

You must stagger the boss to make him release the player.

Video from normal Nacrasena, same attack.

Tail Swipe

The initial tail slam in the middle staggers. The swipe afterwards knocks you back. The CC can be avoided by spacing into the swipe or out of it.


Burrows into the ground and spawns 5 scorpions. The boss doesn’t chase you. Recommended method of dealing with the scorpions is running together to the left or right. This gives you a wider view and lets you gather them up so you can AoE them all down. If you don’t kill the scorpions in time, they will eventually have an electric AoE surrounding themselves. Getting hit by these will chain paralyze and damage you.

Tail Armor

When you first knock the boss, you must throw use destruction on the tail to break the tail armor.

Charge Phase

Shortly after the battle begins, the boss raises its tail and charges. Since the pattern doesn’t deal damage, you can deal damage freely. More patterns will be added afterwards like the laser, bongos and burrow.

Knock and Destroy

If you stagger the boss, you are able to cut his tail.

Cutting his tail will reduce the difficulty of this boss and might be for new players.