ExitLag Papunika
by Ryu in


  • In case the mechanic fails and he gets enraged, he will roar continuously and give an attack reduction debuff. The roar is difficult to dodge, so the boss should be staggered as soon as possible.
  • For the mechanics, it is best to communicate in advance who will take on which role.
  • When the mechanic is successfully completed, the boss will escape after a certain period of time.

Credits: 최민호 (Inven)

Battle Items

Corrosion Bomb, Destruction Bomb


Boss swings frontal with claws followed by a wing attack. If you dodge the first attack, it is easy to get hit by the second attack.


Normal backstep, no damage.


The boss digs his claws in before dashing forward.


After about 1 minute the boss charges up to start patterns with wing attacks. The phase can be used to deal a high amount of damage.


The boss hits the ground twice, inflicting damage to the cross area. If you move away from the pre-marked white light beam, you will not be hit.

Lightpads v1

The boss folds his wings and bows his head to summon white pads around him. There are three attacks in total. Once in the vicinity of the boss and twice outside the body.

Lightpads v2

The boss folds his wings and bows his head to summon white pads around him. There are two attacks in total. Once around the target and once around the target’s location.

Jump Attack

The boss flies towards the target and performs a jump attack. If he disappears after the first jump, he will do another jump attack at the target.

Wing Strike

Boss flies up and hits the ground with his wings on his left and right. Can be used once or twice after changing direction.

Wing Strike + Claws

Boss hits the ground head-on with his claws and then with his wings left and right like the normal wing strike.

Holy Flame

The boss folds his wings and bows his head and hangs the ‘Holy Flame’ debuff on two party members. Party members who are hit by this attack leave a torch pad around them after a certain period of time. Place them outside from the boss. The circle around the curse of the holy flame will slowly decrease and when it disappears, a damage pad will be created.


The boss makes a frontal breath with a long range. The attack could one-shot you.

180 Breath

The boss does a 180 degree breath attack in front of him. If you step back or dodge into him, you will not be hit. You take less damage if you get hit from distance.

Breath Catwalk

The boss runs backwards while doing his breath attack. Do not stand in front of him!


The boss strikes a wide area in front with its wings and then launches a three tornados. Repeat up to 3 times.


The boss casted twice a fan shaped laser attack. There is a gap between the fan shapes. The second blow has a different direction of the gap and can easily avoided. You can also try to outrun the attack.


This pattern is used after escaping and grants ‘Curse of Light’ to two random party members. If the curse of light lasts for a certain period of time, you will receive magic damage every 5 seconds and movement speed will be reduced by 15%. Curses are red and blue, indicated above their head. Face each other to release the curse.


The boss flies into the air to gather energy. In the process, he pulls the players towards him. Get out of the AoE area as soon as possible, otherwise you will get one shotted. The boss also pulls spheres towards him, which lift the player into the air on contact.


The boss starts to roar regularly which inflicts a small amount of damage and inflict the ‘Overwhelm’ debuff. The debuff reduces the attack power of all nearby party members. This debuff is not removed even if the character dies until the boss is staggered. At 3 or more stacks, the attack power is reduced by about 1/3.


Boss flies up and rotates while hitting the ground with his wings on his left and right. Stay behind the boss and move in a circle.

Earthquake + Strike

The boss hits the ground twice, inflicting damage to the cross area. If you move away from the pre-marked white light beam, you will not be hit. In addition he roates once and deals damage to the rear. It’s best to move away from the boss to avoid the strike attack.

General Mechanic

When the boss loses about 20% of his life or after a certain time he becomes invincible and moves to the center of the zone. After that 1-4 stone statues spawn in diagonal directions from the boss. When you destroy the stone statues, yellow, green and blue crystals drop. You need to find the crystal that matches the color of the boss’s shield and throw it at the boss. The color of the shield might change after you throw a crystal. You have to do this 4 times to destroy the shield.
If the shield was destroyed, you need to quickly destroy his wings. Use battle items and skills to do this. If his wings were successfully destroyed he will be weakened for a short time and you can do a lot of damage to him before he teleports away and gets his wings back. If you fail to destroy his shield or wings during the statue phase, the boss will go enrage.

2 or 4 Stone Statues

2 or 4 stone statues spawn. Three crystals of each color drop per stone statue when they are destroyed. The boss also randomly spawns light pads that make you drop the crystal when you get hit.

1 Stone Statue

A stone statue spawns. 4 crystals drop when you destroy it. 2 of them have the same color as the shield of the boss. All party members must pick up the crystals.

The boss fires orbs of a different color than that of the shield.
Players who are hit with a crystal of a different color than the orbs have will drop their crystal. Players with the same color do not drop the crystal. Therefore, players should line up in a row. Those with the crystals of the same color of the shield in the back and those with a different color in the front. The players in front act as blockers to protect those behind.

Both correct crystals must be thrown onto the shield. After that you need to destroy the stone statue again and repeat the mechanic.

Throw Fail

If you throw a crystal that is different from the color of the shield, a shock wave will be emitted and all party members will fall.