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  • You will get a frenzy brand debuff that stacks every time you get hit by Calventus’ magic attacks. It reduces armor by 10% with each stack.
  • The boss has two phases and one enrage phase. When the boss teleports away, he starts his second phase. The next phase includes all attacks from the previous phase. The enrage phase both together.
  • Stagger the boss when enraged to make him go back to phase 2.
  • It is recommended to take battle items within the fight that can remove the frenzy brand debuff like Panacea or Sacred Charm.
  • It is recommended to use some form of shield penetration engraving to clear his orb phase faster, since they have a large shield.

Special thanks to Yaen for providing information and video material.

Battle Items

Panacea, Sacred Charm


Boss slams his claw in front of him.

Double Slam

Boss slams his claw in front of him two times.

Tail Swing

Boss slams his tail behind him following with a tail swipe attack. Stay slightly diagonally of him for the slam to not getting hit and then move behind him to avoid the swipe.


Boss backsteps.


Boss roars and then dashes forward. He will be covered with an AoE which lasts for a little while after he finished his dash, so wait a little bit before attacking again.

Sky Attack

Jumps up into the air for a bit before landing forward and doing a cone AoE attack.

Sky Drop

Flies up into the air before landing back down on a target.

Backstep (Upgraded)

Boss backsteps. Additionally, he spawns whirlwinds. Two in front while he jumps backwards and another two sideways afterwards. This attack can only hit you once.


Boss flies up and casts several blast cyclones around him. The safe spot is directly below him.

When he lands he does an AoE attack, so move out of the center in time.

Shadow Ball

Arches its back before launching a shadow ball at a target.

Triple Shadow Ball

An orb appears at the front before the boss splits it into three orbs that go outward.

Charge (Enraged)

When enraged, its charge becomes almost instant and he uses it back to back.

Shadow Ball (Enraged)

Arches up and uses a huge shadow ball attack.


The boss periodically summons orbs in phase 2, which must be destroyed in time before they reach the boss. If they reach the boss, they will be absorbed and his attack speed and strength will be increased. He also gets new attack patterns.


If the boss absorbs 4-5 orbs he becomes enraged. He will cast a large AoE around him which signals the start of the enrage phase. Avoid it.

Stationary Orbs

When enraged the boss will still call down orbs, but these orbs are grayish in color and don’t move to the boss. Moving close to these orbs will make the orbs move toward you and explode while they also give you the frenzy brand debuff.