ExitLag Papunika
by Ryu in


  • Keep the boss pinned to a wall so you don’t need to move around much.
  • Don’t get hit by his magic attack, otherwise your vision will get reduced.

Special thanks to Yaen for providing information and video material.

Battle Items

No recommendation.


Stationary breath attack.


The boss summons a rain of darkness in a wide area to inflict damage over a wide area. If you are hit, you will receive a darkness debuff. Stay behind the boss to not getting hit.

Move away from the boss after the attack, as he makes an AoE explosion around himself.


Boss casts a cone shaped breath attack in front of him.

Backstep with Breath

Boss backsteps and then casts a cone shaped breath attack in front of him.

Claw Attack

Boss swings his front paw in a wide area.


Boss dashes forward.

Backstep with Charge

Boss backsteps and then dashes forward.


Getting hit by magic attacks will apply darkness stacks. Receiving darkness stacks reduces vision. At 4 darkness stacks, the boss will blink and reappear behind you and attack with double claws.