ExitLag Papunika
by Ryu in


  • Every time a sandstorm hits you, you get a movement speed reduction debuff. With 3 stacks you will be petrified for 5 seconds. During this time you are invulnerable, use this during the mechanic. After the buff runs out, you get a debuff for 30 seconds that prevents you from getting the petrified debuff again!
  • He goes into the second and third phase after he escapes the first time.

Special thanks to Yaen for providing video material.

Battle Items

No recommendation.


Boss does a left and right swipe.


Boss does a backstep


Boss stomps on the ground and causes a cone shaped aoe. Can be avoided by turning sideways.


Fires a breath forward after he gathered sand around him.


Boss charges forward.

Sand Waves – 1 direction

Boss spawns sand waves that roll in one direction. The safe spot is behind the boss. Use the phase for damage.

Sand Waves – 2 directions

Boss spawns sand waves that roll in several directions. At the beginning of the attack one roll spawns behind the boss, after that the safe spot is behind the boss. Use the phase for damage.

Floating Bombs

Boss spawns a floating bomb which will explode on contact. Spawns on the top right corner in the video.


Boss stomps three times on the ground which creates explosive pads on the ground. These inflict high damage.


The boss will summon 2 sandstorms shortly after the fight begins. They will follow players and apply a movement speed debuff on hit. Getting 3 debuff stacks will petrify you.


After you get 3 stacks of the sandstorms, you will be petrified for 5 seconds. During this time you are invulnerable and cannot move. After that you get a debuff for 30 seconds, which prevents you from being petrified again.


After the boss makes his Earthquake attack, he then makes 2-3 attacks before making his Mechanic. After his last attack he starts his mechanic, visible by the red glow on the floor. When he starts his mechanic, you have to pick up the Petrified debuff, you can also stack up 1-2 debuffs before.

Info: If his attacks are short, then he does the mechanic after 3 attack patterns. If they are long, then he can do it after 2 attack patterns.


If the boss kills a player during its mechanics, he will enrage. His attack speed and damage increases. The sandstorms disappear and he no longer does his mechanics.
The boss must be staggered to return to normal state.