ExitLag Papunika
by Ryu in


  • Use all your bombs and destruction skills on CD to break his shell ASAP.
  • Your team must also use all the skills that impair the boss.
  • Damage done to the boss is increased when the boss is fully knockdowned.
  • You will deal decreased damage until you break the armor and done a full knockdown.
  • If you just knock the boss without breaking the armor, you will deal reduced damage once he gets back up.


  • Save all your skills that do not cause destruction or impairment for the first knockdown.
  • Use all burst skills once he got knockdowned. After that the boss runs away and you will not have to break his armor again, but still want to knock the boss to do full damage again.
  • He enters Phase 2 after the first neutralization and Phase 3 below 25% health.

Special thanks to Yaen for providing information and video material.

Battle Items

Corrosion Bomb, Destruction Bomb, Whirlwind Bomb

Side Slam

He raises his side and then do a side slam attack.

Cannon Orb

His cannon glows purple and he will shoot a purple orb to the ground which follows a target.

If you get hit, you get stunned for a short amount of time.

The orb will disappear after a certain time.


Four red orbs are summoned around the boss. Each orb explodes in place, dealing damage and apply a slow debuff on nearby players.

Breath Front

He slightly shakes his head and will do a long range breath attack in front of him.


He shoots a red orb in the air which will cause multiple AoE attacks around him.


Boss jumps forward and generates a shock wave around it.

Double Jump

Same like the normal jump, but twice in a row.

Stone Donut

Boss jumps in place. If he does a second jump after the first one, then he will do two donut attacks.

If you see the second jump then doge ASAP.

He also does just a normal jump.

Breath (Cone)

Boss does a breath attack in front of him in a range of around 120 degrees.

Cannon (Persistent)

Boss shoots a red orb to the ground which generates a persistant AoE.

Reinforced Orbs

Boss summons 4 purple orbs which will pull you inwards. You should avoid them quickly.