ExitLag Papunika
by Ryu in


  • The boss will run away automatically when it reaches 70% and 40% health.
  • The boss enters its 3rd phase at 30% health.
  • The boss’ 2nd phase is barely any different from its 1st phase, so I will not differentiating them.

Special thanks to Yaen for providing information and video material.

Battle Items

No recommendation.


The boss will periodically turn red durch each phase.

Recovery 1

You can accelerate this phase by knocking the boss.

If the boss does not glow red when you knocked him initially, he will after getting back up.

Recovery 2

If you’ve knocked the boss when it has already turned red, it’s recovery attack will be a jumpback.

The tail is able to be cut during this time, but it is not worth it because it just accelerates him to Phase 3.


The boss will periodically try grabbing players.

If players get CC’d, they are priority targets for getting grabbed.

When someone gets grabbed, make sure to use as much stagger skills as possible to break him free.

Grab (Failed)

Example of dodging the grab. Focus on the Arcana.

Tail Swipe

The boss does a tail swipe attack which stuns the players behind him.

It can be indicated at the lunge of the tail before attacking.

Claw Swipe

The boss does a double claw swipe in front of him.


The boss dives under the frozen water and will jump out near a player.

It’s ideal to run away together in a group so that there is less downtime for attacks.

If a player is lagging behind the others, that player should just run in another direction because the boss might pop out beneath them.


The boss spins. That’s it.

Freeze Bombs

The boss screams and small AoE’s appear around him that freezes you.

Frozen players have a high chance of getting grabbed so avoid them.


Sucks in players and then breaths them away.


Boss charges at a player.


Boss jumps towards a player.


Boss shoots out an ice ball in front of him.

Swipe into Charge

Boss does a tail swipe which stuns the player on hit and then does a charge attack.

Iceballs Triple

Boss shoots out three iceballs in front of him.