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Updated for the Astalgia Patch (ru 15.09.2021)

With alts, more gold can be achieved in total.

Adventure Island220 ~ 780 goldGold reward depends on item level and item type.
Chaos DungeonBonus Stage + DropsAfter the second stage there is a chance to enter a bonus room through either a golden or red portal.
Red portal give more gold. Sell other drops at the auction house.
Guardian RaidDropsSell drops at the auction house.
CubeDropsSell engraving books at the auction house.
LifeDropsSell materials obtained through life activities or produce battle/ special items on your stronghold and sell them at the auction house.
Gateway MapsDropsIf you obtained a key from navigation co-op events you then can participate at the gate events which have a chance to reward you with a certain amount of gold.
Chaos GateSecret MapGet gold from the secret map auction and from selling map runs with 3 other player’s secret maps.
MerchantsExchangeMost items from merchants can be listed on the auction house. For example:
Merchant Ships in each harbor, Silmeal Blood NPC in each major city, PvP Token NPC.
Cash ShopExchangeSell star crystals from real money for gold at the cash shop. Capped at 10 deals per day. (ru-server)

With alts, more gold can be achieved in total.

Abyss RaidArgosP11,500 goldP2800 goldP31,000 gold
Abyss DungeonOreya’s HeartDistraught ForestNormal700 goldHard800 gold
Rotting GladeNormal800 goldHard900 gold
Legion RaidValtanNormal3,300 goldEpic4,500 gold
BiackissNormal3,300 goldEpic4,500 gold
Kouku-SatonNormal4,500 gold
  • Abyss Dungeon: No gold reward with item level 1415 or above
  • Abyss Raid: No gold reward with item level 1475 or above

Una’s Token

PointsUna’s Token
(less than ilvl 1415)
Una’s Token
(ilvl 1415 or higher)
2570 pieces240 pieces
3570 pieces240 pieces
4595 pieces315 pieces
5595 pieces315 pieces
70145 pieces485 pieces
Sum475 total1595 total

In the Una’s Quest journal (shortcut: ALT + J) you can complete daily and weekly quests to earn points which then can be exchanged for a ‘gold box’.

You can exchange the tokens at the [Gold Shop] NPC located in each major city.

※ Daily quests : 2 points / Weekly quests : 12 points

※ The amount of Una’s Tokens obtained will change after reaching item level 1415.


Gold pouch

200+ gold
  • Required Una’s Token:
  • 80 pieces
  • Chance to obtain:
  • – Light gold plate (100 gold)
  • – Heavy gold plate (1,000 gold)

Gold chest

600+ gold
  • Required Una’s Token:
  • 200 pieces
  • Chance to obtain:
  • – Light gold plate (100 gold)
  • – Heavy gold plate (1,000 gold)


Gold Coin reward from Rapport NPC’s

East LuterraArthetineNorth VernPunika
Thirain500 goldSasha3,500 goldEalyn800 goldNia1,400 gold
Wavestrand Port Neria600 goldNeria600 goldAvele1,400 goldShana2,700 gold
FeitonMercenary Zeira200 goldOceanMei2,200 gold
Jederico900 goldTotal Gold:Marie1,000 goldYun800 gold
Lyanna2,700 gold23,800 goldNinav1,000 goldBerbero800 gold
Rapport gold reward overview
(ru server)
Captain Blacktooth500 goldAlbion800 gold
Detori300 goldHalia1,100 gold
papunika.comLisien1,000 gold

Guardian Quests

Gold reward from guardian raids quests (Start quest from Avele in North Vern). Names below refer to the russian client!

Stage 1Stage 2
The Hunt for the Guardian (Rania Village)50 gold[Investigation] Chromanium (Moaning Wasteland)20 gold
Farewell to Zeidel (Dense Fog Ridge)10 gold[Raid] Chromanium100 gold
Guardians: Introductory Course (Dense Fog Ridge)10 gold[Investigation] Nacrasena (Moaning Wasteland)20 gold
Black feather (Dense Fog Ridge)10 gold[Raid] Nacrasena100 gold
The phenomenon of the Guardians (Dense Fog Ridge)10 gold[Investigation] Aceria (Flaming Scar)20 gold
Guardian Slayer (Dense Fog Ridge)50 gold[Raid] Aceria100 gold
Triumphant return (Dense Fog Ridge)25 gold[Investigation] Thaitalos (Crimson Wasteland)20 gold
[Investigation] Icy Legoros (Cradle of Cold)10 gold[Raid] Thaitalos100 gold
[Raid] Icy Legoros50 gold
[Investigation] Vertus (Cradle of Cold)10 gold
[Raid] Vertus50 gold
Total:285 goldTotal:480 gold
Stage 3Stage 4
[Investigation] Dark Legoros (Dense Fog Ridge)30 gold[Investigation] Hellgaia of Cold (Cradle of Cold)40 gold
[Raid] Dark Legoros150 gold[Raid] Hellgaia of Cold200 gold
[Investigation] Hellgaia (Flaming Scar)30 gold[Investigation] Volcanic Chromanium (Flaming Scar)40 gold
[Raid] Hellgaia150 gold[Raid] Volcanic Chromanium200 gold
[Investigation] Kalventooth (Cradle of Cold)30 gold[Investigation] Levanos (Dense Fog Ridge)40 gold
[Raid] Kalventooth150 gold[Raid] Levanos200 gold
[Investigation] Ashates (Crimson Wasteland)30 gold[Investigation] Elbergast (Moaning Wasteland)40 gold
[Raid] Ashates150 gold[Raid] Elbergast200 gold
Total:720 goldTotal:960 gold
Stage 5Stage 6
[Investigation] Nacrasena Project (Crimson Wasteland)50 gold[Investigation] Descaluda (Moaning Wasteland)80 gold
[Raid] Nacrasena Project250 gold[Raid] Descaluda200 gold
[Investigation] Igrexion (Flaming Scar)50 gold[Investigation] Kungellanium (Cradle of Cold)100 gold
[Raid] Igrexion250 gold[Raid] Kungellanium250 gold
[Investigation] Dark Aceria (Moaning Wasteland)50 gold
[Raid] Dark Aceria250 gold
[Investigation] Belganus (Dense Fog Ridge)100 gold
[Raid] Belganus250 gold
Total:1250 goldTotal:630 gold


20 Masterpieces

3,000 gold
  • Obtained from chest reward

30 Masterpieces

5,000 gold
  • Obtained from chest reward

34 Masterpieces

8,000 gold
  • Obtained from chest reward

38 Masterpieces

13,000 gold
  • Obtained from chest reward

Guide Quests

[Guide] Quest
  • Some guide quests reward you with gold. Open your quest journal and check the training tab.