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Growth Potion (Stats)

Intellect Potion

The legend of the last of the giants

Skill Potion

Rune: Richness
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Skill Potion

Vitality Potion

Eosin Charm

Masterpiece #21

Skill Potion
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Masterpiece #33

Skill Potion

Rune: Focus

The legend of the last of the giants

Giant’s Box

NPC location

Island of Wisdom

Required materials

Givena CoinsPirate Coins


  • Giant Heart #1[Quest] “Five brothers scattered” from Totoma in Tortoyk after completing the world quest.
  • Giant Heart #2[Affinity] Beatrice (Intimitate) in Trision.
  • Giant Heart #3[Affinity] Sasha (Trust) in Stern (Arthetine).
  • Giant Heart #4[Monster RNG] Field Boss Tar’silla in Lake of Stalled Time (Shushire).
  • Giant Heart #5 [Exchange] 3,300 Givena Coins at Rose on island Blacktooth’s Garrison.
  • Giant Heart #6[Exchange] 33,000 Pirate Coins at Nimble Grant on island Pirate Village Atlas.
  • Giant Heart #7[Epona] Complete Dooky Island Epona daily 30 times.
  • Giant Heart #8[Exchange] 4,000 Givena Coins at Captain Blacktooth on Island of Freedom.
  • Giant Heart #9[Affinity] Captain Cavery (Trust) on island Eye of Hypnos.
  • Giant Heart #10[Tower] Tower of Shadow Floor 35.
  • Giant Heart #11[Epona] Complete Blue Wind Island Epona daily 15 times.
  • Giant Heart #12[Quest] “In the name of freedom!” from Artsont on island Shadow Moon Market. Follow Island Heart guide.
  • Giant Heart #13[Tower] Tower of Fate Floor 35.
  • Giant Heart #14[Affinity] Ninav (Trust) on Little Whispering Island. Requires 310 bravery + charm and the Song of Starlight.
  • Giant Heart #15[Quest] “Heart of the last giant” from Minerva on Island of Wisdom after getting 14 Giant Hearts.