ExitLag Papunika
by Ryu in

What is  ExitLag

ExitLag is a software that was developed by games, to gamers that optimizes your connection, leaving it more stable, lowering your ping and by leaving you out of fearless from freezes and spikes. Besides optimizing your connection, ExitLag also amplifies the performance of your game by raising the frame rates per second with our FPS Boost tools, letting you with the best resource as an advantage.

I’ve been using the service since the launch of the Lost Ark beta in Korea, and so far my experience has been nothing but positive. I can recommend the software to anyone who wants to play Lost Ark. It’s easy to set up and it just works.

Why do I need a Proxy?

In order to play Lost Ark in other regions, a proxy is necessary, as these are IP blocked. But even if the game is not IP blocked, your ping will be far higher on a foreign one!

If you have decided to use ExitLag then create an account and try it for free for 3 days at the link below. If you end up preferring ExitLag, then use the coupon papunika for 20% off your subscription.

How to use?

Step 1: Sign-up through the website

Step 2: Install the software.

Step 3: Pick your game, in this case Lost Ark.

Step 4: Pick your game region and apply routes.

Step 5: Done! Play the game.