Polite[Quest] Lutheran Castle – Queen’s Qualifications
Respect[Quest] Bern Castle – A gift of EA
Flirt[Exchange] Cruise Ship Paradise Peyto – 5000 Shilings (Desert Merchant Uria – Luxury)
Hala Hala[Quest] Cruise Ship Paradise Peyto – Star Fever
Surrender[Quest] Lutheran Castle – Reconstruction of Lutheran Kingdom
Love[Quest] Totopia – Ugly our Figlet
Shy[Quest] Liebeheim – What a woman wants
Despair[Quest] Toto Silver Island – The brith of neuroli
Fear[Quest] Metus Island – Chance for healing
Beg[Quest] Village of Fugitives – Sweet Kalima
Happy[Affinity] Tortoyk – Mokamoka (Trust)
Taunt[Exchange] Island of Freedom – 3360 Givena Coins (Captain Blacktooth)
Advance[Adventure Book] Arthetine – 40%
Bored[Adventure Book] Arthemis – 70%
Pain[Epona Points] Border – Fearlessness and compassion (Level 3)
Stretch[Adventure Book] West Lutheran – 70%
Toast[Quest] Forest of Sound – God of warrior
Kiss[Quest] Papunika – Lei-bark star
Pray[Quest] Saland Hill – Morai Ruin
Laugh[Exchange] Pear Tree Wildland – Naphtha
Roar[Exchange] Island of Freedom – 3360 Givena Coins (Captain Blacktooth)
Intimidate[Collectibles] 10 Island Hearts
Whistle[Epona Points] Blue Wind Island – Root Eaters (Level 3)
Boast[Collectibles] 4 Masterpieces
Inquire[Quest] Stern – Research collaboration
Dumb[Quest] Isendelf – Wonderful visitor
Lay Lay[Quest] Nia Village – Dance lessons
Sailor’s Dance[Collectibles] 35 Island Hearts
Unjib Breakfast[Quest] Peach Island – The fruits of enlightenment
Levitation[Quest] Peach Island – Inquiring mind
Oath[Quest] Kallazar – Black blade
Error[Quest] Wisdom Island – Secret Archives