Dooky Island
Source: Yaen

1. Location

2. Island Heart acquisition

  • The Island Heart can randomly be obtained by completing a cooperative quest on the island.
  • The island has 4 possible spawn locations, indicated in the pictures above.
  • 10 minutes before it appears, a swirl will appear on spawn poin. Usually people in world chat will help and tell each other where it will spawn.
  • You may receive a heroic trash sword as a drop. Keep it, because you will need it in a quest on Dooky Corporation Island

2.1. Quest Details

  • The quest requires to kill 101 dookies and then a boss who will appear after.
  • 30-31 dookies will first spawn on the bottom left circle.
  • After all are killed, the next will spawn at the right circle.
  • The top circle will be the last spawning point.
  • After all 101 dookies are killed, a boss will spawn a few moments later out of the house at the top circle. Kill him for a chance to obtain the Island Heart.

3. Mococo Seeds