ExitLag Papunika
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Tooki Island

Recommended Item Level: 250
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Island Token

Acquisition Type: RNG

Information: Timed island

3 minutes after entering the island the coop quest Tooki Tooki Treasures starts in which 100 Tooki’s Treasures have to be collected. These are spread everywhere.

Then the coop quest Invincible King Tooki starts in which 101 Tookies have to be killed. About 30-40 Tookies spawn in each of three places. First at the top in the middle, then at the bottom on the left and then on the right. The exact spawn points are shown on the map below. When all Tookies have been killed, the Tooki King spawns at the top center. Kill him to randomly get the Island Token .

The Tooki King also has a chance to drop . This item is needed to get the island token on .

Mokoko Seeds and other locations

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Tooki Island has multiple locations.