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1. Basic explanation

2. Buff & Debuff

3. Battle Items

4. Stages

Stages are divided into Normal, Elite, Boss, Survival and Gold. At the end of the current stage, you can vote to continue or stop with the next stage. To proceed two ore more people are required to go to the entrance that opens after the current stage is over.

Depending on the color of the entrance you can guess what is coming up next.

4.1. T1 – Cube

Normal Stage

  • Just defeat all the enemies. There is no particular difficulty.

Elite Stage

Boss Stage

Survival Stage

Gold Stage

4.2. T2 – Ancient Cube

4.3. T3 – Guardian Cube

5. Tips

  • Don’t spare the use of battle items depending on the situation, as you won’t get rewards while trying to get the better reward.
  • As for the recovery potions, the next stage buff may be a recovery related buff, so go to the next stage and then use it if theres no buff.
  • If you get a health absorption buff in the Survival Stage, you can revover your health by hitting a self-destructive soldier, robot, etc..
  • If you don’t complete the level in time, a ghost will appear and hunt you. Avoid them as they deal a lot of damage. Ghosts will continue to spawn until all enemies are defeated.