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Best class

Short answer?

➤ Play the class you enjoy, done. It doesn’t make sense to choose a class that is supposed to be “the best” if you can’t play it or don’t enjoy it. Check out the Official Lost Ark page to see what classes are available for NA/EU.

Long answer?

➤ In general, classes with support abilities like Bard and Paladin are welcome. A good summary regarding Tier Lists has been published by Perciculum – Check it out

Check out EndieM8’s class gameplay video to get a rough idea of all the classes:


If you are leveling your first character, I recommend that you do all the quests, watch all the cutscenes, and definitely don’t try to get level 50 as fast as possible. Enjoy the game, look at your game environment and don’t stress yourself out. This will take you about 30 to 40 hours.

If you don’t care about the story, don’t feel like doing all the quests or want to level up quickly, then you need to do the Main Quest only. Skip all other quests except some Chain Quests and Adventure Quests to unlock new features and permanent stat potions. This will take you around 11-15 hours, depending on your class and player type.

You will come to a point where you will not get a new main quest and will only have to find the arks. Instead, you will get World Quests that are effectively the new main quest.

Step 1: Prideholme ➤ Yudia ➤ West Luterra ➤ East Luterra ➤ Tortoyk ➤ Anikka

Step 2: Do all quests inclusive the Sudden Quests in Arthetine (You will be around level 49.70) ➤ ➤ North Vern (Complete all quests until Vern Castle)

Also check out:

Quest Icons

  1. Main Quest:
  2. It is automatically accepted from the prologue and is an essential quest that forms the basis for the continuation of the main story and character development. During the main quest Finding the Arks you proceed with world quests.
  3. World Quest:
  4. From the moment you leave Luterra and start sailing, you can continue the main story on several continents through world quests. Note that some content may not be available if you do not complete the world quests.
  5. General Quest:
  6. You can accept them through the NPCs in each area, and you can hear information about the area or the stories of the people around you.
  7. Chain Quest:
  8. Some quests are classified as chain quests, where a linked story continues sequentially. Most of the time they offer permanent stat potions as a reward.
  9. Dungeon Quest:
  10. This quest is automatically accepted when you enter a dungeon. Please note that you cannot enter the dungeon and proceed with the quest until you have completed the prerequisites for the main quest. Even after completing them once, the quest will be automatically accepted each time you enter the dungeon, and the quest will be automatically cleared when you leave the dungeon.
  11. Adventure Quest:
  12. You can accept it from NPCs located on continents and islands you discover while sailing. When you complete some adventure quests, you’ll get the chance to acquire an island’s token or build rapport with NPCs, for example. Some adventure quests can only be accepted and continued once per “account” unit and are called “account quests”.
  13. Rapport Quest:
  14. By increasing your intimacy with NPCs, you’ll be able to hear hidden stories that you couldn’t learn through the existing quests alone. As your intimacy increases, you can even receive special rewards.
  15. Sudden Quest:
  16. If certain conditions are met, the quest is automatically accepted in an area. There are conditions for quest failure, such as a time limit or prohibition to go to another area, and if the quest fails, it is automatically deleted from the quest list.
  17. Coop Quest:
  18. This is a quest that you must complete together with other adventurers. After the quest start notification, the quest area is displayed on the world map, and the cooperative quest is automatically accepted when you enter the area. Rewards are paid based on the contribution made, and rewards may not be paid if the contribution is low.
  19. Daily Quest:
  20. You can complete up to 3 daily quests per day. The number of quests that can be completed are reset every day at 6am. You can accept the quest via Una’s Tasks quest panel (Alt + J).
  21. Weekly Quest:
  22. You can complete up to 3 weekly quests per week. The number of quests that can be completed will be reset every day at 6 o’clock. You can get the quest accepted via Una’s Tasks quest panel (Alt + J).

What to do now

Daily Checklist

Chaos Dungeon

Uses 50 Energy per run. Gain 100 Energy per day. Energy restored per Character.

Guardian Raid

Uses 1 Guardian Soul per harvest.
Gain 2 Guardian Souls per day.

Una Daily

3 Una tasks per day.
Can be expanded up to +3.

Adventure Island

Sat-Sun at 14:00 / 21:00.
Mon-Fri at 21:00.

Voyage Co-op Mission

Appears multiple times per day.

Trade Skill

Until energy is depleted.

Guild Support

1 Donation per day.
1 Research Support per day.

Rapport Actions

5 Songs per day (+1 with Blessing).
5 Emotes per day (+1 with Blessing).

World Boss

Once per day (Only on specific days).

Chaos Gate

At specific times.

Weekly Checklist

Guardian Challenge Mode

1 per week per Boss (3 in total). Availability is per character.

Abyss Dungeon

3 per week per Abyss Dungeon. Availability is per character. You can only complete one difficulty per week.

Challenge Abyss Dungeon

1 per week per Challenge Abyss Dungeon. Availability is once per account.

Abyss Raid

1 per week per Abyss Raid.
Availability is per character.

Legion Raid

1 per week (shared between difficutlies).
Availability is per character.

Una Weekly

3 Una tasks per week.
Can be expanded up to +1.

GvG / Guild Boss

Once per week.

Merchant Ship Exchange

Supply replenishes on weekly reset.

Silmael Bloodstone Exchange

Supply replenishes on weekly reset.

PvP Token Exchange

Supply replenishes on weekly reset.

Ghost Ship

At specific times.

PvP Island

Determined by the occupying guild.

Trade Skills

  1. Foraging:
  2. Consistent money source. Used to craft potions and most bombs.
  3. Logging:
  4. is the only thing worth much. Profit will depreciate as less people are interested in Stronghold improvements, but will stabilize at a lower price. It is also needed for the recipe of the Astray ship. All log types are needed for ship parts.
  5. Mining:
  6. and are used for Stronghold improvements. Profit will depreciate as less people are interested in Expedition Territory improvements, but will stabilize at a lower price. is used for high tier tools.
  7. Hunting:
  8. Materials are used to craft dishes which give you buffs when you use them. Also used for some fusion materials.
  9. Fishing:
  10. Some money to be made in certain items like . Material is used for Fusion Materials, so may be worth a lot in a fresh region if it’s a really unpopular profession.
  11. Excavating:
  12. Materials are used to craft secret maps and some fusion materials. Can earn a jackpot by obtaining Tool Craft Kits for high tier tools.

How to upgrade my gear

➤ For the leveling phase, you don’t have to focus on gear. Just equip the best that is available at the moment. You’ll replace it in 2-3 levels anyway.
➤ When you reach level 50 it looks a little different. Check out the links below to know what gear you need at level 50 and how to get materials and gold to upgrade.

How to get my Awakening

1st awakening:

After you reach level 50 and completed the quest Afterimages of the Rift near , teleport to Trixion (Use to teleport to this area). will give you the quest Awakening: Thirst for Power. Complete all stages and you will get your awakening, as well as another regular skill.

2nd awakening:

After you have completed all world quests including Life goes on in Rohendel and also did the 1st awakening quest, you will receive the quest Journey: Strange Mail at Mail Carrier Sentos in Rothun. The questline is very long, almost as long as the world quests itself. You will get multiple quest chains around all continents. If you have already done the quest on another character, you have to go to Trixion and accept it from and complete it directly.

Info: You only need to do the awakening quest series once per account.

To use your awakening skill you need . After use, it is consumed. You can buy them at the merchant.

Procyon compass

Press the compass icon below your minimap to access the Procyon’s Eye Compass menu.

In the overview you will see a schedule of different content spread throughout the day. This includes Field Bosses, Ghost Ships, Chaos Gates and Adventure Islands. These provide a good source of materials to improve your gear.

Beginners Guide (RU)

Basic Concepts for Beginners

Walktrough Guide (German)

YouTube Channels

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