Source: Inven / Video Souce: Yaen

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A 270 degree cone will appear in front of the boss with a safe zone behind the boss.

He will then rotate the area clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the direction of the two orbs, shown at the beginning of the attack.

Dash into Double Cone

Triple Dash with a double cone attack.

Backstep into Double Cone

Backstep with a double cone attack.


Boss casts 3 small waves.

Info: He does that on low health.

Triple Orbs

Boss fires three orbs towards a player.

Red Orbs

A player receives a debuff (Visually seen with red bubbles) which lasts 5 seconds. Seen at the blaster in the video on the right.

After the debuff wears off, 8 red orbs appear on the player and spread outwards.

Info: Boss does this at low health.

Lurker Spikes

Triple Spike attack in a straight line which lifts up players.


Boss raises the hands and summons multiple bombs which lifts up players on contact.


Boss casts a AoE which prevents you from getting out.

Double Cone

Boss casts a double cone.

Triple Cone

Boss casts a triple cone. Melee players don’t have to move position.

Quad Cone

Boss casts a quadruple cone.


At 8 health bars and 5 health bars, the queen will teleport to the middle. Mirrors will spawn and a wave will spawn.

To survive the wave, you must choose the correct mirror. Mirrors with the same color are connected.

Info: The purple mirror will lead to the boss, shown in the video on the right.


Boss does a large cone attack


Boss creates bombs on the ground which explode after a period of time and lift players up on contact.

Cross Orbs

Absreshuld absorbs 4 orbs in the cross directions and fire them again in diagonal direction.


Abreshuld gathers purple bubbles above her and then cast them around her. They push players away.


Boss creates a line of thorns in front of her.

Shooting Star

Absreshuld shoots a purple star in a straight line which explodes after a certain period of time and then splits into four.


Absreshuld shoots multiple cone attacks that put a player in a confined state on hit. It lasts 3 seconds and can be destroyed by the other players.

Rolling Stones

Abreshuld does this mechanic around 15 and 8 health bars.

The screen is tilted by abount 45 degrees and stones start rolling from the right.

After around 20 seconds a player will get a mark. After 4 seconds a small red meteorite will fall on his position. To end the mechanic you have to hit the boss with the meteorite.


Boss creates a Prison which teleports you back on contact.

Delayed Rain

You receive a purple AoE beneath you which will create a AoE after a certain period of time. Run far away from the boss to place it and then return to the boss.

Thorns Donut

Absreshuld creates a donut AoE beneath and more around her. After a short period of time spikes/thorns will came out.

Portal Rockets

Abreshuld creates Portals where large projectiles fly in a straight line out of it.

Thorns Zigzag

Boss casts thorns in a zigzag pattern on the ground.

Thorns Cone

Boss does a thorn cone attack.

Epernia’s Help

Epernia does this mechanic at 34 and 26 health bars.

Epernia appears and launches a powerful attack on Abreshuld. Either with his hand or tail. Video shows the hand attack.

You have to impair Abreshuld to prevent that she can block the attack.


Abreshuld does this mechanic at 16 health bars.

One player will receive a meteor debuff, gets a glowing yellow aura and 3 circles above him (Image 1 & 2).

The other players obtain a trajectory of light which they have to aim at the player with the meteor debuff (Image 2). You have 10 seconds time.

If you fail this mechanic you will get rooted and a large meteor will spawn at the position of the player who had the debuff.

Info: You can also sacrifice the buffed player to “skip” the mechanic. The buffed player has to run to the corner of the map as much as possible and the other players run to the opposite corner of the map. You decide.

Meteor v2

Abreshuld does this mechanic 8 health bars.

It’s similar to the normal meteor, but instead of the light being directly in front of the player, it appears in different cardinal directions to the 3 players.

The rest works the same. You can also “skip” this mechanic.

Info: Video shows the “skip” version and also the root if you fail to remove the debuff.