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Info: Both the Bishop and the Rook should be killed at the same time. Once one of them dies, the other will enrage.

Cross Laser (Double)

Bishop casts a cross laser once in horizontal and vertical directions.


Bishop casts 8 lasers in a row. First one shoots up, then down, left, right, southwest, northeast, northwest, southwest.

Info: He does the attack on low health.


Bishop creates orbs around him which lifts up players on hit.


Bishop creates directional “AoE” lines on the ground.

Orb Absorption

Bishop absorbs 4 large orbs horizontal and firest them vertically. It is safe to evade to the area where the orbs passsed.

Orb Diamond

Bishop casts four orbs in a diamond formation which lifts up players on hit.


Rook slams to the ground and does a cross AoE.


Rook punshes two times. The last attack will knock back players on hit.


Rook charges at a player.


At around 8 Health bars, a target will appear on a party member. The Rook will move to one side. You must move near the bishop on the opposite side.

The Rook will fire a projectile and this projectile must hit the bishop or the party will wipe.

Projectile (Towers)

At around 5 Health bars, the mechanic happens again but slightly different.

You have to destroy the towers so that the projectile can hit Bishop.

Teleport into Cone

Boss rushes two or three times and thens casts a large cone.

Jump into Cone

Boss teleports back, then jumps three time and does a cone attack after that.

Illusion Cutter

Boss casts several rotating sword AoEs which move towards him. They push players away on hit.

Stealth Jump

Boss vanishes and does a jump attack after he appears again.

Sword Rain

Boss fires into the air which then rain down on the ground.

He has two different rain attacks, but they are similar.

Sword Trace

Dream Corps King will teleport to the middle and players should go to the cardinal positions. He will spawn 4 sword which follows a player.

Only 1 player should get hit by the sword at a time. This will give everyone a debuff which lasts 1 seccond. If the debuff wears off, the 2nd player can receive the debuff, otherwise he will die with 2 stacks.

At the same time, you must also impair the boss in the middle. Failing to impair the boss results in a party wipe.

Info: He does this at 15 and 5 Health bars.


Boss casts pizza slices while you have to impair him.