ExitLag Papunika
by Ryu in


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Special thanks to Yaen for providing video material.

Battle Items

No recommendation.

Swipe with Donut

Boss attacks spot in front of him, followed by a donut attack around the spot after.

Tail Swipe

Boss swings with the tail to the right one, followed by another cone shaped attack.

Triple Cones

Boss casts cone shaped AoEs horizontal or vertically three times in a row.

Large Donut

Boss will place AoE under him and also an outer donut.

Triple Swipe

Boss will do three swipes in a row.

Charge Swipe

Boss charges toward a player and then do a swipe.

Death Gaze

  • On consistent intervals, Garum will do an AoE which gives players one death stack.
  • Every time Garum does this AoE, he spawns a golden orb that a player can pick up to remove all his debuff stacks.
  • The order in which players pick up the orb is by party order.

Example:  1st Gaze -> Player 1, 2nd Gaze -> P2, 3rd -> P3, 4th -> P4, 5th -> P1, etc.

Important: 5 stacks on one player will wipe the whole group.


Boss charges a powerful attack.

Important: If he is not stunned during his cast, he wipes out the group.

Teleport into AoE

Boss teleports away, usually out of screen, then charges a very slow AoE.

Backstep into AoE

Boss backsteps and then does a donut attack.

AoE Slam

Boss points his arms towards a target and spawns a AoE on targets position. Can do it after backstep or teleport.

Blood Meteor

Boss slams in front of himself and 4 meteors falling down which explode on impact and from one meteor 8 mini meteors spread out.

Charge into AoE

Boss charges forward and then does a donut shaped attack.
Info: Standing on the edge of the arena makes the attack easier.


The boss shoots 4 bullets from his position and then again 4 offset by 45°. If you move to the area where the first sphere passed, you can safely evade the second wave.

Orbs Reinforced

Same as the normal Orb attack, except that it shoots 6 orbs in the second wave.
Info: Happens only after he was resurrected (mechanic).

Blood Rain

Boss fires a sphere into the sky and after a certain period of time, it creates several blood fields on the ground that deals damage over time.

Large Cone

Often used after teleport or backstep. Boss does a large cone shaped attack.


Boss spins his sphere above his head, followed by a slam attack in front of him. Attack pushes you back.
Info: He can do it after teleport or backstep.


Boss spins in place. Melees should be careful with the attack.

Persisent AoE

Boss creates three blood fields on the ground that deals damage over time.


  • When the boss drops to lethal health,
    he becomes invincible and casts a gray or red shock wave.
  • After the shock wave, one red and one gray orb spawn in each of the cardinal directions. In total 4 red and 4 black. Decide who will take which direction.
  • Choose the color that corresponds to the shock wave or boss color.

Gray Shockwave

Example for the gray shockwave.

Red Shockwave

Example for the red shockwave.