ExitLag Papunika
by Ryu in


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Special thanks to Yaen for providing video material.

Battle Items

No recommendation.

Blood Explosion

Boss casts a large AoE. Stay outside the range and enter after the explosion. The attack lasts a second, so wait until the explosion.


Boss leaps into the air and jumps to the marked spot.


Boss swings his arm towards the target and pushes the character.


Boss rushes in on direction and throws back everyone in the way.


When you get the mark above your head, make sure to run to the side of the map. After a short time, the boss will spawn a persistent AoE on top of the target’s head.


To reset the persistent AoEs, you must stagger the boss. Afterwards all AoEs on the map dissappear.

Cones (Sideways)

Boss casts 2 cone shaped AoEs on both sides. The attack has a long animation, so it is a good way to attack him.

Teleport Spin

Boss teleports or strikes a narrow front area and then launches the character in the surrounding circular area. Avoid the second attack.


Boss casts several small AoEs which explode after a short time. Hits lifts you into the air.

Cone (Large)

Boss casts a large cone shaped AoE. Stay behind him. The attack has a long animation, so it is a good way to attack him.


Boss throws a hook and pushes you back.


Boss fires 5 orbs in front.


When the boss reaches 6 stacks of the Absorb buff in total, he enters his mechanic.

Magic Cores

Four orbs spawn at clock positions 12, 3, 6 and 9. As a group, figure out which orb you’re starting at and go to it. The boss will automatically teleport onto an aggroed party member and spin. This will kill the orb and impair the boss.

Do this 4 times, once at each position and the mechanic will be over.